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Spring Goal - Knitting Scarf

March 22, 2020

Spring & Isolation

This year, spring has come with a new challenge that could mean an opportunity to revisit our yearly resolutions; to add some or to scratch off a few. One of the gifts this tough time can give us is a chance to step back and to look at ourselves and our lives from a different angle. Times like this show us how closely each person is connected to the whole world and how one person can affect lives of many. It can take us a step back to let us feel what is most valuable and cherished a chance to know ourselves better.

I started this year without any outlined resolutions, I decided to try to have an open conversation with myself : to understand my past and who I am today, a self-heal and self-realization journey. As a first step I needed a zen element, something that brings me to the center. Although always drawing and painting has been my thing but this time I decided to give something else a try & as I was thinking of teaching my son a new skill, I jumped on a knitting project....A scarf :D

3 weeks later, I have a lovely scarf that has millions of thoughts stitched into it.

For my seed stitch scarf, i used THIS tutorial by Designs by Phanessa, super easy and fun to make.

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