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Brainy math question #2 - elementary school - Bendy

March 30, 2020
 Click on the picture to go to the source and download the printable.

Bendy wants to buy an automatic tool. The tool costs $3,000.

Bendy gets a job that pays him $20 per hour and he works 5 hours everyday.

How many days Bendy has to work to be able to buy the tool ?

Brainy math question - elementary school

Steve from Minecraft wants to build a watermelon farm that gives him 500 watermelons.

He needs to use seeds from his existing watermelons & each watermelon has 30 seeds inside it however, 10 seed from each watermelon fail to sprout.

How many watermelons he needs to start his farm ?

Spring Goal - Knitting Scarf

March 22, 2020

Spring & Isolation

This year, spring has come with a new challenge that could mean an opportunity to revisit our yearly resolutions; to add some or to scratch off a few. One of the gifts this tough time can give us is a chance to step back and to look at ourselves and our lives from a different angle. Times like this show us how closely each person is connected to the whole world and how one person can affect lives of many. It can take us a step back to let us feel what is most valuable and cherished a chance to know ourselves better.

I started this year without any outlined resolutions, I decided to try to have an open conversation with myself : to understand my past and who I am today, a self-heal and self-realization journey. As a first step I needed a zen element, something that brings me to the center. Although always drawing and painting has been my thing but this time I decided to give something else a try & as I was thinking of teaching my son a new skill, I jumped on a knitting project....A scarf :D

3 weeks later, I have a lovely scarf that has millions of thoughts stitched into it.

For my seed stitch scarf, i used THIS tutorial by Designs by Phanessa, super easy and fun to make.

Thoughts of a perfectly imperfect artist

March 18, 2020

I'm not only against perfectionism but also quiet supportive of trying and doing ones best effort, irrespective of the outcome... Apparently that is true only when I am dealing with others! 

Internally though, in my self-talks, I am and have always been quiet critical of my art & the more artists I talk to, It feels more like I am in the same boat with many others. It is as if there is one ideal form of art or a set expectation of what " a decent piece of work" should be to which we are constantly comparing ourselves. 

Then in the midst of this daily struggles, every now and then we come across a person who didn't give a sh*t about what that perfect image is and kept doing what S/he liked and enjoyed. So no surprise there that person ended in the center of attention as a person with a unique style.

The more I think about it, the more i'm convinced of the importance of building that strength to not being affected by others' judgments and the ability to focus mainly on finding and doing what I like and enjoy. It might be a better mindset to strive to gather around myself more of those who genuinely enjoy hanging out with me, with all my imperfections. Those who share the same views, those who can see the beauty in things that I find beautiful, or those who can be happy for me despite our differences. And, I hope you all can be surrounded with like minded & supportive friends and family.

So cheers to all those imperfect journal pages, silly doodles and unfinished paintings :D

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