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How to prepare and empty eggs for decoration

April 12, 2019

If you want to know how to use real eggs to decorate for Easter or Persian's New Year or if you are just looking to rather use real egg shells to decorate with the kids, Keep reading:

What you need:
  • Eggs - as many as you wish.
  • A small nail - I suggest finishing nails as they are tiny or if you have drywall hanging hooks lying around you can use one of the nails that comes in the pack....that's what i used anyways.
  • Painters masking tape
  • Something (or someone) to hold the eggs. I'm using a small shot glass for this purpose.
  • Tooth pick or a cocktail picker.
  • Hammer or any heavy object that you have around the house. Pair of scissors are just fine too.

1- Start by stick a small piece of masking tape to top and bottom of your egg.
2- If you are using an object to hold the egg, i suggest covering it with a piece of cloth to prevent crackings from the sides. I used a piece of paper towel over my shot glass. (you can skip this if you have someone to hold the eggs)
3- Now start hammering gently but firmly.
4- You need to make one of the holes big enough to insert the toothpick, so start going around the hole in one end and break tiny pieces off of the edge of the hole you just made.
5- After that, insert a tooth pick to break the yolk.
6- Give it a good stir to loosen up everything & you are ready to blow the content out:

To clean the shells, submerge them in soapy water (or use a syringe) & drain.
For draining, just leave them in a basket with bigger hole facing down and the shells should be completely dry over night. 

When dry, your shells are ready to color & decorate.

I have YouTube video that shows the process, Feel free to check it out HERE.

To decorate, you can cover one of the holes with a ribbon and arrange them in a basket to hide the other hole. like below picture.

Or you can check out my other post HERE for covering the holes before decoration :)

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