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15 New Year's Resolution for Artists and Art Lovers

January 01, 2019

Happy New Year every one. 

Do you like to start your new year with a plan a vision of can be accomplished in the year ahead? a self-development plan that you can revisit during the year and measure your progress? yes, yes am talking about new year's resolution. Well, if you do and want to add a few artistic twist to your 2019's list maybe this 15 goals can help: 

  1. Try a new medium or style this year. Do you do watercolor? how about giving acrylic a try? you can easily find a paintnite location close to you and try an class with your friends. If you always do floral, try abstract or portrait. 
  2. Carry a journal in your bag and draw everyday objects around you in a 5 minute break. Check out Sophie's blog for more inspirations.
  3. Bigger,Better. Take your art to another level; Next time you go shopping for supplies, buy the biggest canvas or paper you can afford. 
  4. If you are like me, you have lots of journal notebooks half-done around. How about maybe filling one of those up with the 5 minute sketches? & kill two birds with one stone ;)
  5. Add one art book to your collection and actually give all the activities in the book a try before finding a nice cozy spot for it on the shelf. 
  6. Maybe sign up for a class; either to brush up on your skills or learning a new form of art; if you paint, try pottery. If you draw, try wood burning. If you play an instrument, how about ceramics? Just go with it, you may find it quiet amusing.
  7. Networking. Sign up for workshops, go to art events or find your local art groups via Meetups and connect with like minded people with whom you can share your art. 
  8. Take it virtual. Use internet of things to find other artists and inspirations. If you are active blogger, maybe collaborate with another artist.
  9. Start an art or craft project. I have done Sketchbook Project before and found it very inspiring. 
  10. Working in a series. Think of a theme and stick to it for 5 to 7 (or more) pieces to create a collection of art.
  11. Every time you criticize your own work, Give one compliment. 
  12. Try an old school method of selling your art. Maybe sell prints in a festival or showcase your framed originals in a cafe for sale. 
  13. Is there some high-end brushes or paints that you really want to have? how about put a financial plan in and save to buy it in 6 months and use it for second half of the year. 
  14. Old to New. Find all those forgotten, not-completed pieces that you might have hidden in your drawers and give them a face lift. Everybody deserves a second chance.
  15. Visit an art gallery or museum and learn as much as you can about other artists of past and present. 

Cheers and wish you all a year full of  laughter and joy. 
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