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10 Important life lessons to learn from art

December 29, 2018

Most of us pursue art at some point in our lives. As parents, we encourage our kids to create art, we give the gift of crayons and markers to our grand children, or might surprise our siblings with prepaid music lessons and the list goes on. But art is not only a fun past-time or hobby rather it can also be such a gentle guru that opens our eyes to many crucial life lessons. and here is 10 most important ones that I have learnt from it:

  1. Rome wasn't built in a day. You need to put the time and effort; some more, some less but there is no way around it. Don't wait for it to happen - make it happen.
  2. You have to take risks in life: step outside your comfort zone once in a while and life might amazes you.
  3. There is no such a thing as "perfect". Nothing is perfect. There is no one definition for perfection. Make your best effort and enjoy it.  
  4. Not everything comes easy; Challenge yourself to become better. Make today slightly better than yesterday. There could be a time in life that you have to shorten your horizon to the achievements you make in one day and the benefits will compound. 

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