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Inspiration - Artist Project Toronto

March 19, 2018

Have you done anything to get inspired recently?

I went to Artist Project Toronto and I wanted to share a bit of my experience with you hoping that it might sparkle an inspiration for you as well :)

Saturday morning came with all its glory, Hubby was nice enough to baby sit while I treated myself to a day of indulging, day dreaming and getting my artist soul pampered. A chance to see great pieces of art and having the opportunity to chat with the creator of those master pieces was unbelievably satisfying.

Although I expected to see only paintings (not sure why!) and for sure there were lots of paintings but also there were live performance, sculptures, glass work and even a big wall was dedicated for kids to paint and have fun :)

Can't believe that it's been a month already but even till now every time I scroll through my camera roll, It makes me smile. I didn't photograph everything that I loved cause then I had to pretty much snap the whole time but let me show you some of the pictures I have.

Here are mind blowing assemblages from Roger wood. Look at all those tiny beautiful pieces sitting in such a harmony, creating unwritten stories.

Below are textile art by Wendy Anderson. Aren't they just brilliant? Her process is an ancient middle eastern technique that interlocks wool fibers. check out her process HERE.

What do think of these painting by Vicki Carruthers? I love the pure strong colors and simple shapes.

Then my heart warmed up when I got to this booth. Mary McLorn Valle was such an easy to talk to person, so energetic and kind...I am in love with her work.

Check out these beautiful pencil paintings by Margaret Cresswell:

Awwww! Look at these cuties by Jennifer Akkermans

You should have seen these pieces by Justin Blayney in person. Some of the pieces you couldn't even tell what they are till you looked through your cellphone camera....amazing.right?

Then there were these serene pieces by Karin Silverstone:

Last on my journey but definitely not the least...These jaw dropping scrap metal sculptures by Tick Tock Tom.

Which one is your favorite?
by the way, Did you go to Artist Project Toronto this year? how was your experience?

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