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Spring and why you should celebrate it

March 22, 2018

Most of us with our busy “modern” lives, rush hours and packed calendars barely notice the seasons unless maybe it is beginning of a sport season. However, celebrating change of seasons is a great excuse to create memories for our children, to take a step back and ponder, to practice gratitude and most importantly to enjoy life.

Finally, comes spring equinox; Time to shake off those winter blues and celebrate when Mother Earth gets ready to give birth to new crop of plants, when trees start standing tall and breathing again and migrant birds come back from far away places to make their nests and find love.

My favourite season of all is spring. To me it is the time to celebrate growth, hope, femininity, fertility and beauty. No wonder egg plays an important role in many spring rituals, as it is universal symbol of fertility and rebirth.

Many cultures around the world has some sort of ritual to celebrate beginning of longer days, blooms, blossoms and the promise of spring:

Nowruz with Haftseen in Iran, Holi - Festival of Colors in India, Songkran Water festival in Thailand, Singing in the Streets of Spain, Qingming Festival in China, Pancake week in Russia, Marzanna in Poland, Baba Marta in Bulgaria, and even here in Canada comes Tulip Festival in May, although no surprise that it’s a bit later than most countries…lol.

Do you celebrate any spring festivities? Share it with me, Send me pics and tell me about it and I will share it on the blog :)

If you want to read more about these celebrations view links below.

Inspiration - Artist Project Toronto

March 19, 2018

Have you done anything to get inspired recently?

I went to Artist Project Toronto and I wanted to share a bit of my experience with you hoping that it might sparkle an inspiration for you as well :)

Saturday morning came with all its glory, Hubby was nice enough to baby sit while I treated myself to a day of indulging, day dreaming and getting my artist soul pampered. A chance to see great pieces of art and having the opportunity to chat with the creator of those master pieces was unbelievably satisfying.

Although I expected to see only paintings (not sure why!) and for sure there were lots of paintings but also there were live performance, sculptures, glass work and even a big wall was dedicated for kids to paint and have fun :)

Can't believe that it's been a month already but even till now every time I scroll through my camera roll, It makes me smile. I didn't photograph everything that I loved cause then I had to pretty much snap the whole time but let me show you some of the pictures I have.

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