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September 30, 2017

Are you and your kid/s fan of Trolls? son and I are :)

A new pigment : glorious "YInMn" blue

Blue - lonely, holy, hip, irreverent blue. It was the first man-made pigment, and the last color word developed across cultures. The color reminds us of the ocean, sky, calmness and tranquility, one of the color mostly used by painters is now expanding! …drum roll

A new BLUE pigment is discovered!

What?? What do you mean?? How?

Well...In 2009, as part of his lab at Oregon State University, Subramanian - a professor of materials science -and his students were mixing and grinding chemicals then heating them to over 2000 degree Fahrenheit  to manufacture new materials that could be used in electronics. That was when one grad student, Andrew E. Smith, took a particular mix out of the furnace which had turned to a surprising, bright blue color.

"You know what Louis Pasteur said?" Subramanian asks. "Luck favors the alert mind."

Smith and Subramanian, as it turns out, stumbled upon an undiscovered pigment of blue — the first new blue in over 200 years.
"Color is a part of a spectrum, so you can't discover a color," Subramanian says. "You can only discover a material that is a particular color." That spectrum is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet — no indigo. A pigment is a material that absorbs certain parts of the color spectrum and reflects others.

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