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(Quiet) games for 3 to 5 year olds

October 18, 2016

Cold season is fast approaching and I know there will be more than one occasion that we (parents) have to entertain! Our kids. 

This year, after our recent hospital experience when my son was admitted and not allowed to leave his room for almost a week, I think I’m a bit more prepared ;) and I thought maybe I can share some of our favorite quiet games and toys with you.

*If you want to know what happened to my son, read about it here.

In this post I am going to stick to Puzzles only because you can do so much with them:

  • Not only solve them but you can use them instead of plush toys and do a little pretend play: take those farm animals to the stable, dinosaurs for a battle, give them some food, make them jump in muddy puddle then wash them, turn the lights off so they sleep when they don’t want to!, or keep them awake when they are too tired!
  • Try using the puzzles pieces as puppets : come up with a story and then put a puppet show. Or you move the pieces to tell your story to your child, or he can be the one who acts and you tell the story (or reverse!).
  • Teach them something new about the animals/objects; 
    • put the pieces on the floor and ask your child to pick his favorite then take maybe 2 turns each telling interesting facts that you know about that animal/object…just remember to leave the facts that your kids know for them to tell, and when it’s your turn, tell them something that they don’t already know.
  • Try drawing the objects exactly as they are, or you can draw a funny version of them, like a purple cow or a cow in a hat etc.
  • Below game can be funny for all ages, if your kid is too small to follow instructions someone else can show them what to do:
    • Hide some of the puzzle pieces under a blanket/ behind the sofa etc. you should make the sound of the object the moment you see them. And your child can be in charge of bringing the objects out.
    • Start telling them a story or even talk about what you did during the day or what you are planning to do tomorrow, So it goes like:
    • You know Jenna! Tomorrow Mooooo we are Neiiigh going to see your granny Quack :D (be animated with the sounds and have fun)
  • Pick a puzzle piece and google it on your tablet/phone and see what images google brings up, then you can talk about what you see, Oh look this cow is stuck on the fence…Oh look some cows have brown spots, or such big horns etc…
    • Just a word of advice on this game, because google doesn’t always bring up child appropriate images! You can either give it a test run before, or maybe add a few more words to your search to narrow down the images… I like to use funny or silly before the name of the animal, but you can go with colors, big, small, cartoon etc.

If you are looking for puzzles, here are a few examples:

Melissa & Doug Sound Puzzle - Farm AnimalsJanod J07054 Dino Chunky Puzzle

If you liked this list, let me know and I will have more games for you :) 
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