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Doctors are humans too! They make mistakes, can be inexperinced or unethical...get a second and/or third opinion.

August 17, 2016

Rant Alert!!! this post is to share with you how inexperienced and unethical some doctors and nurses can be and how big of a risk we take if we only take the advice of doctors without listening to that inner voice that we all have. 

It all started last Thursday with a mild tummy trouble, then fever accompanied with diarrhea on Friday. Things got worse when vomiting was added to the equation on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, things were out of control; we couldn’t lower my son's temperature, despite he had lots of Advil & Tylenol in his system so we rushed to Mackenzie Health Hospital’s emergency.

After about 4-5 hours of waiting, doctor Shelton visited my son. He just asked a few questions and concluded that we should wait for few days then if he is not any better, we can go to see our family doctor and that it’s just a virus nothing to worry about.

So we left the hospital but when we got home, the fever went back rocket high to 39.5 even though he was almost maxed on the dosage of Advil AND Tylenol. We wrapped him in a cold wet blanket and went back to Mackenzie Health’s emergency. We told the nurses that we were there half an hour ago and that we insist on seeing the doctor again because of the high fever and that my son was very pale with blue lips, shivering and feeling very weak.

First they asked us to stay in the line again to "Get a number and create another chart!!"....after they
called our number, they decided to find the chart (which probably took more time than creating a new one) they sent us to see the same doctor Shelton. 

We were asked to wait in a section with few beds divided by curtains and the nurses/doctors’ desk right in front of us where I could see and hear what they are talking about.

Mind you, at the same time another patient with broken (?!) arm had returned too. Poor guy couldn't sit still of the pain and was begging for the doctors to help him, so he was offered a Tylenol! Not Advil, but Tylenol! And In the meantime I was witnessing how the doctor and the nurse were rolling eyes when talking about why we and the other guy were back!!

when the doctor finally came to see my son again, he just re-phrased what he had already told us. When we explained and insisted that my son's fever was high for more than 2-3 days, he couldn’t eat/hold anything and that we were thinking it could be due to some sort of infection, he turned and ordered blood work! My problem, he didn't order taking a swab of my son's throat or a stool sample...although they sure did take sample of urine but the problem was diarrhea! 

We left the hospital without the blood work, heading to a walk-in clinic which turned out to be even worse. The doctor at the clinic, without even checking my son’s ears or throat, just concluded that it is either nothing or it can be apandisit!!!

So, we went back home, stayed awake all night, keeping him soaked in cold water. Next day, one more time I waited for few hours in the waiting room of our family doctor and he finally sent us to Sickkids hospital.

My son got admitted and stayed in hospital for one whole week. He had invasive group A strep + C.defficile bacteria. His little body was in a toxic shock caused by those bacteria; his liver was enlarged, he was very low on his blood platelets, bleeding internally in his stomach and bowls and was extremely dehydrated.

I can’t stop thinking that If we had waited for few more days, as the two first doctors suggested, I could have lost my son, as approximately 4 out of 10 cases like him and about 10 to 15 out of 100 patients with any form of invasive group A strep disease die in US only!

After all the tears, uncertainty and terrifying moments that we experienced last week, I think I still can be and am grateful. Not only grateful to the Sickkids Hospital’s doctors and nurses but now 
I am grateful:

- That my son is getting better (liver and blood back to normal, no fever, still some tummy aches but not major)
- That at times, I can be as stubborn as a mule, no matter how many times I hear no! 
- That I have a mother's intuition and I trust it
- Grateful that life in the past has taught me not to trust all doctors
- Grateful that at times of despair, my husband trusts my judgments and supports me.
- Grateful that anti-biotics were discovered!
& Grateful that I have this little corner to vent and share my thoughts :) 

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