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Struggles of an artist mom

March 20, 2015


Its been a long time since i posted anything although I never actually abandoned this blog,but just wasn't able to find the time, spirit or energy to paint or post anything.

My life has been chaotic for the past few months; I started working full time again after my maternity leave was over. Unfortunately, the job turned out to be a nightmare; it was in a family run & operated company with no defined hierarchy of authority and very hard to fit-in if one is not part of the family, and I wasn't. 

On top of work stress, i was trying to find a good daycare located close to my work or my husband's, with reasonable waiting time & fee structure and cheerful but attentive staff which seemed quite a mission impossible.

In an attempt to stay sane and positive, I quitted that horrible job but didn't quit looking for one and continued my search for a good daycare. I was at a point that I decided and started preparing to open a home daycare, but then i received a job offer from a company that I wanted to work in for a long time. And surprisingly  within a couple of days I also found a good daycare; Jackpot!

It was (and still is) a home daycare located close to my husband's work so he could pick-up and drop off my son. The lady who runs it is a lively middle aged woman living in a house with a huge backyard that has a swing set in the middle and is in walking distance to a library. Besides, she lets the kids go anywhere in the house with her (not confined to a basement or a single room for the whole day!)...I think, she is one of the few people working in childcare industry that still genuinely cares about children. 

I had just started the new job and was dealing with beginners' stress but then my son started getting sick back to back. When my little boy gets sick it means no sleep for anyone for few days, plus my husband and I had to alternatively take off from work to take care of him and it was taking a toll on both of our careers and mental health.

After a few months of this roller coaster, my husband changed jobs and that daycare was no longer an option. This time I wanted to try my luck with getting a nanny, so Interviewed a few applicants, and one of them had great references, a compatible personality and expectations that I could meet and on top of that my son seemed quite comfortable with her during the interview and few days of trial.  

My son likes his nanny very much; they go to community centres or libraries, do variety of activities, take walks outside, she makes him yummy lunches or snacks and spoils him to an acceptable level ;)  

Now with spring upon us, the weather getting warmer and a new cell phone with bigger screen, I can blog on the road or during lunch time. Only if I find sometime to paint too, won't that be just amazing?!

How do you squeeze art in your day?

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