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Negative Watercolor Painting Practice

February 17, 2014
I am going through Linda Kemp's "Painting Outside the Lines" book and am trying to do all the practice paintings.

This one turned out quiet well, I suppose :)

Love the color harmony and the shapes too. I could have chosen different colors or shapes from Linda's painting, but I wanted to see how close I can get to hers.

Be happy,


Watercolor Still Life Painting

February 09, 2014
Do you remember my Bell Pepper painting?

so just for the love of bell peppers :P  here is another version of the same painting: 

I am falling in love with this technique, a bit more every day    

Have a lovely Sunday,


Negative flower watercolor painting

February 05, 2014
I am so in love with flowers...who isn't really??!! Can't wait for the spring to come so I can carry my camera everywhere and drive my hubby crazy by snapping a shot all the time! lol

Here are two negative paintings of the same object. In the first painting, everything is painted loose, without any sketching, but the second one is more detailed, I lightly sketched flowers and a couple of leaves before starting the painting. 

Which one do you like more? 


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