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Watercolor Negative Painting

January 30, 2014
In my last post on negative painting, I started of with some of the practices that Linda Kemp had in her book "Painting Outside the lines", and I kept going and doing more practices and here is one of the paintings I did of a landscape watercolor:

Sorry for the wrong rotation, it is such a huge problem as it auto-rotates pictures, there are ofcourse ways around it but a blogger mama with a baby doesn't have much time to go through all that. so please excuse me :x

well didn't turn out even near as good as i expected my attempts result, but it sure was good lesson and as I promised I am going to share it all!

I believe part of the problem was my paper. It was drying too quick and didn't absorb much paint. I used another paper and later practices were much better. I am going to post them later today, hopefully!

anther problem was.....can u guess?!!

The painting below was done on a watercolor journal page. The whole process was a lot looser, as I was having lots of fun with colors dancing on paper. So when it was finished I added a note to my self.

" Be Happy" as a reminder that art is not about the results, but having fun :)

Hope you all have fun,


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