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Watercolor Painting - Roses

March 08, 2014
I love roses...I love painting them loosely and just let them appear on my paper in any shape and size they want :) it feels like they are blooming all by themselves!!

Roses are red 

Violets are blue

The first day I saw you 
That's when I knew

Roses are red 
Violets are blue
No one will ever love you
As much as I do 

Have fun, 


Watercolor Painting - Blossoms

March 07, 2014
This part of the world is a bit colder than most know it's Canada!

It is almost mid march and it is still cold...blah!!! I had enough of winter and wanted to do something that cheers me up a bit so I painted this :)

wishing a speedy warm season,


Landscape Watercolor Painting

March 05, 2014
I wanted to take my new adventure of painting to landscape and see how I can incorporate negative approach to trees, mountains etc. Although I have done some landscape here and here but this time I wanted to paint with a bit more control:

It is painted on a small watercolor paper and now that I like it I wish I had chosen a bigger paper...I think I would be very nice when framed...well....It's a good excuse for another painting.

Have fun,


Negative Watercolor Painting Practice

February 17, 2014
I am going through Linda Kemp's "Painting Outside the Lines" book and am trying to do all the practice paintings.

This one turned out quiet well, I suppose :)

Love the color harmony and the shapes too. I could have chosen different colors or shapes from Linda's painting, but I wanted to see how close I can get to hers.

Be happy,


Watercolor Still Life Painting

February 09, 2014
Do you remember my Bell Pepper painting?

so just for the love of bell peppers :P  here is another version of the same painting: 

I am falling in love with this technique, a bit more every day    

Have a lovely Sunday,


Negative flower watercolor painting

February 05, 2014
I am so in love with flowers...who isn't really??!! Can't wait for the spring to come so I can carry my camera everywhere and drive my hubby crazy by snapping a shot all the time! lol

Here are two negative paintings of the same object. In the first painting, everything is painted loose, without any sketching, but the second one is more detailed, I lightly sketched flowers and a couple of leaves before starting the painting. 

Which one do you like more? 


Negative Watercolor Painting - Landscape

January 30, 2014
You remember in my previous post, I showed you my earlier practices of negative painting technique. and the problems I had with my paper. 

Now, after I changed to a new paper block, the result is way better and I think I am getting a lot more comfortable with painting outside the lines. 

Hugs n noses,


Watercolor Negative Painting

In my last post on negative painting, I started of with some of the practices that Linda Kemp had in her book "Painting Outside the lines", and I kept going and doing more practices and here is one of the paintings I did of a landscape watercolor:

Sorry for the wrong rotation, it is such a huge problem as it auto-rotates pictures, there are ofcourse ways around it but a blogger mama with a baby doesn't have much time to go through all that. so please excuse me :x

well didn't turn out even near as good as i expected my attempts result, but it sure was good lesson and as I promised I am going to share it all!

I believe part of the problem was my paper. It was drying too quick and didn't absorb much paint. I used another paper and later practices were much better. I am going to post them later today, hopefully!

anther problem was.....can u guess?!!

The painting below was done on a watercolor journal page. The whole process was a lot looser, as I was having lots of fun with colors dancing on paper. So when it was finished I added a note to my self.

" Be Happy" as a reminder that art is not about the results, but having fun :)

Hope you all have fun,


Quick Sketches

January 27, 2014
I have done some quick sketches when I was bored or had only a few minutes time.

Although not significant in terms are artistic point of view but drawing keeps me motivated and happy so here they are :)

Cheers everyone n stay warm 


New Online Store Opened

January 11, 2014
Hi all, 

I just launched my Fine Art America's store and I will be adding more products in the near future. 
The goal is to make most or all of the items that are currently on my Society6 store also available through different websites, so you have the option of choosing your favorite printing company.

Click HERE to check out my Society6 shop and HERE for Fine Art America's Store.

Have a nice weekend.


Negative Watercolor Painting

January 09, 2014
Have been very interested in negative approach to watercolor and recently I started giving it a try. 

Grabbed a Fabriano watercolor block paper and a couple of brushes from DeSerres store that has recently opened very close to my home (Yayyy!). To learn more about the technique I ordered Linda Kemp's Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines book from Amazon and here we go:

Am going to share most of my work here like always, lets see how things go :)

These are a couple of my first attempts, as the book suggests: 

have fun,


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