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How to gift wrap a bottle

December 20, 2013
Here is an idea for easy bottle gift wrapping. It can be used for Christmas gifts if you use festive colors and you will only need a few tissue papers and maybe a piece of ribbon.

Lay your tissue paper flat and stand the bottle upright in the middle of paper. bring the corners of the paper up and with your hand pressing against the paper and the body of the bottle, go around. Creases are unavoidable and will add pretty texture :) 

Cut a wide piece of tissue paper and wrap it around the neck of the bottle to hide the top of tissue paper.  I left the cap and a part of the neck without any paper, that way I could hold it from the neck. 

Cut a ribbon of a contrasting color tissue paper (maybe 1" wide), wrap it around the belly of the bottle secure with double sided tape or a dab of craft glue. Add a a cute ribbon bow and there you have it.

Check my other tutorial on bottle gift wrapping HERE.

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