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Tissue Paper Flower Gift Wrapping Tutorial

February 08, 2013
I can not express enough how much I love kraft paper. Because of its neutral colour, it is easy to use it either in a very modern or vintage looking style. You have seen me using kraft paper for my Christmas gifts and here I used it again to wrap my gift, then decorated it with cute tissue paper flowers. These flowers would look really nice for the Valentine's day gift decoration and will add an elegant and personal touch to that chocolate box. 

To make the flowers you will need:
1- tissue paper
2- scissors
3- Some sort of adhesive : I used scotch tape, but you can use hot glue or tacky glue.

Step 1- Cut 5 triangles of 2"x 2 1/2" 

Step 2- Lay all 5 triangles on top of each other, Draw the shape of a petal similar to above picture on the top one (or a scrap piece of paper) and cut the shape out

Step 3- Take each petal half way down between your thumb and index finger. Then using your other hand, pinch the end of the petal to make a shape like the picture.

Continue this step until you shaped all 5 petals 

Step 4- For the centre of the flowers, cut a triangle of approximately 3 1/2"x 2" out of yellowish tissue paper.

Step 5- Fold this piece in half lengthwise. Then cut small lines from the folded edge to about less than 1/2" down to have about 8-10 sections and start pinching and twisting each section. you need to be patient and careful not to rip the paper :P In the above picture, I started twisting the first couple of sections from the right.

Step 6- When all the sections are twisted, then roll down the whole piece and twist the uncut end to make a stem 

Step 7- Wrap your petals around the centre piece and glue the stems together

Step 8- After all petals are glued around the stem, try to open each petal up and just play around to make them look nice. This is really quite up to you and what looks pretty to your eyes :) 

I made 3 flowers of different sizes to go on the box

Step 9- Arrange and attach your flowers on your wrapped gift. I used a scotch tape, but a double sided tape would work a lot better.

Later, I changed the centre pieces to a darker yellow tissue paper that would look nicer with the red flowers. 
To complete the look, I simply added a strip of tissue paper to the opposite corner of the box and viola!

Hope you give it a try and Have a nice weekend XO

4 comments on "Tissue Paper Flower Gift Wrapping Tutorial "
  1. I want to add some white flowers to a gift. Can the flowers be made from regular print paper?

  2. Hi :) thanks for stopping by.

    yes you can, although the print paper is a lot stiffer than tissue paper, so the flowers will turn out a lot stiffer, with more creases.

    if you want the exact look as these flowers, I suggest going with white tissue paper.

    Hope this helps.

  3. yw Seetha ...don't forget to share a picture if you had a chance to give it a try :)


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