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Watercolour Negative Painting Technique

January 23, 2013
Negative or Positive?

So far, most of my paintings have been positive, but I guess its time to be a bit more negative ;) 

The negative painting gives quite an interesting feeling to the end piece. Painting outside the lines lets the brain to be playful and function different from a positive approach. 

Step 1 - painting outside the lines ( Negative )

Final painting - Positive and Negative 

I am absolutely in love with this technique ❤  



Mixed Media Journal - Page 1 update

As promised, here is the update to my previously posted journal page:

All the painting is done by watercolour and the dark lines are inked by a fine point Sharpie marker. 

I was trying to find a fun name for this page, how about " silly bubbly"! ....what do you think? 

Mixed Media - Art Journal

January 17, 2013
Yahooo!... another journal journey just began.

This journal is going to be mixed media as well, but this time with more watercolour elements.

I used mixed media blank papers for the inside and the pages of an old novel book to bind it.

Here is the first page in the progress:

Not finished yet, but I was so excited about starting a new journal that I wanted to share it with you as soon as possible ;)

will be back with the completed page as soon as it is done :)

tty soon


Butterflies Illustration

January 08, 2013
Hi Pretties :)

I am missing the spring and summer so much....The heat, blossoms, flowers, butterflies, bees and of course nothing is more calming than a tall mocha cookie crumbles frappuccinos in the afternoon to cool down!!!!

The feeling made me paint this butterfly illustration and here is the latest additions to my store:

Let me know what you think :)



Wet on Wet Watercolour Bell Peppers

Most of the time when I am painting wet on wet, I go with dry paper and only wet the area that I want to paint but this time, I used a wet paper that made most of the edges very soft with a bit of colour bleeding to the background. I think I really like the effect and may wet my paper more often from now :)

Bell pepper is one of the vegetables that is almost always available in my fridge. They are tasty and beautiful. I love to both eat and paint them :) 

Have fun,


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