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How to gift wrap a bottle

December 20, 2013
Here is an idea for easy bottle gift wrapping. It can be used for Christmas gifts if you use festive colors and you will only need a few tissue papers and maybe a piece of ribbon.

Lay your tissue paper flat and stand the bottle upright in the middle of paper. bring the corners of the paper up and with your hand pressing against the paper and the body of the bottle, go around. Creases are unavoidable and will add pretty texture :) 

Cut a wide piece of tissue paper and wrap it around the neck of the bottle to hide the top of tissue paper.  I left the cap and a part of the neck without any paper, that way I could hold it from the neck. 

Cut a ribbon of a contrasting color tissue paper (maybe 1" wide), wrap it around the belly of the bottle secure with double sided tape or a dab of craft glue. Add a a cute ribbon bow and there you have it.

Check my other tutorial on bottle gift wrapping HERE.

Have a good one,


How to make a beaded friendship adjustable bracelet

Bead bracelets are pretty and very fun to make. There are lots of different ways to make them; some require lots of tools and jewelry findings that I usually don't want to spend money on. In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a beautiful bracelet with only a few items.

This is how the finished bracelet looks:

You will need:

  • Knotting cord or any kind of craft cord 
  • Beads, the hole size should be a bit more than double the size of your knotting cord: my knotting cord is 0.5mm and beads hole size 1.3mm
  • scissors
  • (optional) Jewel-it glue or a lighter  

Okie, lets get started:

Art Journal Page - Watercolor and Ink doodle

December 13, 2013
This art journal page started with a piece of mixed media paper, added a layer of Gesso and glued pieces of pages from an old book, notebook and scrap-booking paper using gel medium. 

when dried, i doodled on top with black ink

I used acrylic paint for the yellow swirls and here is the final page:



Pencil Painting - around the house

October 24, 2013
These days I think anything can be a subject for painting and even makes it more fun. A subject shouldn't always be a gorgeous flower or a stunning view, It can simply be a: 

Baby Lotion. 

This is Burt's Bees' Baby Bee Original Lotion, I used it on Brayden's skin after each bath when he was newborn, it turned out it was too mild for him and he needed a bit more moisturizing. But in overall it was a alright lotion.(if you don't mind the scent) and a very cooperative subject ;)  

Oldies! acrylic flower and landscape painting

October 22, 2013
Today I was looking at some old pictures that I have on my computer and came across these two:

Both are acrylic paintings from a few years ago and although I don't have the original paintings anymore, It made me happy finding the pictures.

I love both of these with all the imperfections in them. They were among my of very first acrylic trials and I remember that I enjoyed painting them very much.


September 26, 2013
It's jacket and tea season again :)

Although autumn makes me sleepy, I still love it.

What is your favourite season?

Watercolour Rose

September 14, 2013
It has happened to me a lot that sometimes I paint something and I am not happy about it and just toss it in a drawer then after months I accidentally find it again and I think to myself: " This is pretty!!"

This is one of those paintings:

Has this ever happened to you?

My first "en plein air" watercolour painting

July 26, 2013
Some times when Brayden gets fussy, he and I go for a drive.He usually falls asleep soon, then I'm stuck in the car and mostly playing Candy Crush on my iphone.

A few days ago, we were going to Walmart and I grabbed a piece of paper and my watercolour palette with me. When I was in the parking lot, realized Brayden is sleeping so here came the time to try my courage and bring out the watercolour palette :)

Here is what was right in front of me:

and here is my painting:

Now I think maybe the grey walls could have been darker, shape of the tree is not quiet right and definitely more details were needed for the car, but hey A for effort. right?! ;)

Tiny Yummy List

June 28, 2013
It's been a lot of struggle lately to find a time to paint or even draw :( Attempted a few times and didn't even get half way in the sketching. Baby Brayden is teething and my life is going through a roller-coaster because of that. With four teeth through, I look forward to having a few calmer weeks before the lateral incisors show up...fingers crossed!

With my mother-in-law in town to visit, we have been eating out a lot and I can't get my mind off of some of them:

Smoked Barque Burger

Barque Brisket:

Then Sicilian Sausage Hash brunch from Moxie's. 

And the combination pizza from Perperook

Mmmmmm....gotta go and grab something to munch on now ;P



Yummy Sour Greengage

May 14, 2013
Have you ever had some of these mouth watering, eye twitching sour plums? 

These can be find in Persian supermarkets usually at the beginning of spring. They are extremely sour and when eaten with salt, you will just reach for more, as did I ;) 

Cold Snowy April

April 14, 2013
 Please no more snow!

This was the weather yesterday here in Ottawa. I couldn't believe it. It's mid April and still snowing :(

It made my whole day quite blue, but today I woke up to a better day. It is cloudy but warm enough that all that snow is melting :D n yet better news is the tomorrow's forecast:

I guess it's time to buy a sunscreen and tanning lotion ;)

Watercolour Roses - Wet on Wet

March 20, 2013
Today is officially first day of spring...Yahooo!!

It doesn't look much like spring here though; It has been snowing since yesterday and every where is covered with a thick layer of snow. well...looks more like Christmas :P but I am going to stay positive so here is to spring!


To my Persian friends out there: Happy Norooz and wish you a year full of joy and health :)



Pattern Design - Free Shipping

March 11, 2013
Hi all :)

Here are a few very modern plaid patterns I designed recently. These are added to my society6 shop and are available in iphone case & skin, Laptop skin, throw pillow, canvas and card.

Please feel free to take a look at my store, share and share it with friends and family.

Happy Monday ;) 


Watercolour rose painting

March 01, 2013
"One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today." Dale Carnegie 

I read this quote and painted a rose wishing that I never take anything for granted. 



Tissue Paper Flower Gift Wrapping Tutorial

February 08, 2013
I can not express enough how much I love kraft paper. Because of its neutral colour, it is easy to use it either in a very modern or vintage looking style. You have seen me using kraft paper for my Christmas gifts and here I used it again to wrap my gift, then decorated it with cute tissue paper flowers. These flowers would look really nice for the Valentine's day gift decoration and will add an elegant and personal touch to that chocolate box. 

To make the flowers you will need:
1- tissue paper
2- scissors
3- Some sort of adhesive : I used scotch tape, but you can use hot glue or tacky glue.

Step 1- Cut 5 triangles of 2"x 2 1/2" 

Flower Doodle - "IMPULSE"

February 07, 2013

This doodle is done on a page of a book that was sitting on my shelves for quite a while now. 

"Impulse" was printed on the page as it was the name of a section of the book that I read a few years back. That book got passed on to a few friends and they read it too, so now it is quite worn out and the pages are almost falling off! After thinking that It is time for it to be sent to the recycling, I decided to use the pages for my doodles instead. I figured cause I am not thinking of ruining a good piece of paper, my drawings and doodles can get looser, plus I like that the pages are not white. 

As always, I was really disappointed with the drawing at the beginning but as it progressed love grew.

ttys XO

Free Cupcake Topper Template 2

February 05, 2013
Hey all :)

Now that I'm trying to get rid of that last few pounds of postpartum belly fat, cupcakes are hunting me everyday. Among all the treats and sweets out there, none is as hunting as cupcakes!!with those yummy looking frostings and cute sprinkles on top!

Many of you liked my previous template posted and I have got another one for you :)

Watercolour Negative Painting Technique

January 23, 2013
Negative or Positive?

So far, most of my paintings have been positive, but I guess its time to be a bit more negative ;) 

The negative painting gives quite an interesting feeling to the end piece. Painting outside the lines lets the brain to be playful and function different from a positive approach. 

Step 1 - painting outside the lines ( Negative )

Final painting - Positive and Negative 

I am absolutely in love with this technique ❤  



Mixed Media Journal - Page 1 update

As promised, here is the update to my previously posted journal page:

All the painting is done by watercolour and the dark lines are inked by a fine point Sharpie marker. 

I was trying to find a fun name for this page, how about " silly bubbly"! ....what do you think? 

Mixed Media - Art Journal

January 17, 2013
Yahooo!... another journal journey just began.

This journal is going to be mixed media as well, but this time with more watercolour elements.

I used mixed media blank papers for the inside and the pages of an old novel book to bind it.

Here is the first page in the progress:

Not finished yet, but I was so excited about starting a new journal that I wanted to share it with you as soon as possible ;)

will be back with the completed page as soon as it is done :)

tty soon


Butterflies Illustration

January 08, 2013
Hi Pretties :)

I am missing the spring and summer so much....The heat, blossoms, flowers, butterflies, bees and of course nothing is more calming than a tall mocha cookie crumbles frappuccinos in the afternoon to cool down!!!!

The feeling made me paint this butterfly illustration and here is the latest additions to my store:

Let me know what you think :)



Wet on Wet Watercolour Bell Peppers

Most of the time when I am painting wet on wet, I go with dry paper and only wet the area that I want to paint but this time, I used a wet paper that made most of the edges very soft with a bit of colour bleeding to the background. I think I really like the effect and may wet my paper more often from now :)

Bell pepper is one of the vegetables that is almost always available in my fridge. They are tasty and beautiful. I love to both eat and paint them :) 

Have fun,


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