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last minute Christmas gift wrapping idea

December 25, 2012
Here is how I wrapped my Christmas gifts this year:

some crafts paper and tinsel is all that i used, easy and festive :)

Let me know, If you like a tutorial on these.


Wet on Wet - water colour tomatoes

December 18, 2012
Red, juicy, soft, delicious ....tomatoes.

I use lots in salads, food and sometimes, as a snack, with cheese on a piece of toast.....even without toast and cheese, tomatoes are still yummy!

Tomatoes are fun to paint too ;)

Wet on Wet - Ponies

December 07, 2012
I am missing the warm sunny days of summer so much that I had to paint some flowers: .....ponies!

I painted this pot of colourful ponies and at the end, all the colours looked kind of dull to me :(

Then I tried the same thing with wet-on-wet technique:

and I like it much more :) 

I am falling in love with wet on wet; It is very hard but keeps the colours so vibrant. There is more possibility of mistakes and you have to work fast, but it is definitely well worth it.



How to paint wet on wet roses in watercolor

December 02, 2012

Hi all :)

As I promised a while ago, here is the video tutorial on how to paint soft, wet on wet roses.

Hope you like it.



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