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wet on wet - watercolour roses

October 15, 2012
Because of having a little new addition to our family, I have been having a very limited time to spend on my painting. This makes the wet on wet technique pretty much the only way possible to alleviate that itch to paint ;)

I was trying to loosen up and try to pain roses this time:

more close up pics:

Although still I am not 100% happy with the leaves, but the roses turned out pretty nice. I am also planning to post a quick tutorial in a few days :)

so till then ...hugs and noses, 

UPDATE: video tutorial is uploaded HERE.

Photography - 50 mm lens

October 05, 2012
I recently got the Canon 50 mm lens that I wanted for a long long time...I am in love with it.

The quality of the pictures and the blurred background effect it adds to the photos are amazing. 

Here is one of my first few shots with this lens: 

Hope these flowers brighten your autumn day a little bit :) 

P.S. prints of this shot are available through my S6 shop.


Bundle of Joy

October 03, 2012

Hi All, 

I haven't had the chance to be around this blog for a while and I have a good excuse for that :) after 41 weeks and 2 days of waiting and anticipation, finally my bundle of joy, my sweet little son is in my arms.

This little guy is now 3 weeks old and if you have had a child, you know how demanding they are at this age. Especially because the only help I have is my husband, I am on my toes the whole day and most of the night time. My husband is a big help when he is around at evenings and it gives me a bit of free time, but by then I am so exhausted that I embrace those few minutes to take a rest, a short nap or a quick

Although very slowly, but things are getting better. All 3 of us are getting used to our new life more and more each day. Two days ago, I was able to find a few minutes to start a new sketch and Oh boy!...that felt really good. I am going to take it as a sign that from now on I might be able to find more time to paint, sketch, and take pictures, I will try to update and share more often if this turns out to be true ;)

OOops I hear a cry! Talk to you all soon,


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