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Watercolour Vintage - Bird on Cherry Branch

August 27, 2012

Isn't this collage painting romantic? Zoom in to see how this bird is singing about "Desire, Love, and Heart"!!!

Have a Happy Monday ;)

Digital Painting with Illustrator

Recently I have been so hooked on Illustrator and its amazing abilities to change and/or create fantastic images that I have been trying to learn and use more and more of the techniques and Internet is such a great tool for that purpose.

Here is my latest digital painting; Skyline of London & flying hot air balloons.

Although it is absolutely different from painting with paint and brush but I am trying not to compare these two and enjoy the fun in creating something pretty.

Cheers and let me know what you think of it.

....Oh! by the way prints, iPhone skins and t-shirts of this design is available at my society6 shop :)

Cupcake Photo Prints

August 23, 2012
If you like this picture of pink and blue cupcakes, you can  purchase the print, canvas, or laptop skin at my society 6 shop :)

Here is the link to my little shop:

On my previous post on cupcake topper template you can find gorgeous Happy Birthday Topper template as well.

Have a sweet and happy day,

Cupcake Topper Template

August 14, 2012
Aren't cupcakes the most fabulous treats ever? I love cupcakes, pretty much all flavours, Although I prefer the  frosting to be whipped cream but I never pass on any other

These treats that trace back to around 1790 are not only tasty but also usually gorgeously designed and to me their look is as important as their taste. Cupcakes are great for birthdays, baby showers, graduations, etc....there is not an event that cupcakes can't accompany. And here is the cupcakes I made for a recent birthday party :) 

The cupcakes turned out moist and flavourful and the home made whipped topping turned out great for piping as well. Everyone loved the cake toppers and I decided to share them with you :) 

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