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Gift Bows - DIY

July 18, 2012
I was searching for a tutorial on how to make gift bows. I wanted a tutorial that doesn't include many measurements or cuttings and gluing and ends with a bow as perfect and symmetric as possible with least amount of tapes or staples to hide at the end. 

I am going to share with you the tutorial that I found plus a few tips that I figured along the way. 

If you know Spanish, then head over to this video by "Gustamonton" on "How to make gift bows or ribbons".  The video is self explanatory but since I don't understand a word i encountered some problems so i decided to share with you some tips: 

There are lots of steps and needs some measurements and cutting for the template but then you will end up with a template that lasts for making many many bows and the good thing with these bows is that they will need only one staple that is easy to hide :) 

I am not sure if she mentions any of the followings in her video, but here are some tips that I found helpful when I was making my bows using her technique: 

  • Use curling ribbons. I tried it with fabric ribbons as well; it works just fine but you will need more layers so more ribbon and it can get expensive. 
  • Each tip of the template has the same number on the back and the front. Here is my template:
I taped over each tip to make my template last longer :)
  • When layering with ribbon, I went one layer with the back of the template facing up and the rest of the layers with the front facing up:
    •  After the first fold on the tip #1, just follow the direction of the ribbon, go one layer on the face that your ribbon lets you to work with, and then turn your template and work on the other side.
  • In the video, she has 4 layers (curling/folding ribbons on the template for 4 times), I added a layer and had 5 layers to make my bow look fuller. 
  • When folding or curling your ribbon on the template, go either clockwise or anti-clockwise and stay with the same direction for that layer. For the next layer or row, let your ribbon guide you over the tip #1 and then follow that direction till the end of layer on tip #8. I ended up with the same direction for the rest of the layers.
  • Make the centre hole big enough for your stapler. Mine was too small and I had to remove the bow from the template and then staple it. This will be risky though, because if you are not holding the bow tight enough you will end up with some loose curls and it won't look as nice.
Oooo and one more thing:
  • It is a good idea to write the numbers as big and as low as possible on your template. Otherwise the first layer of ribbon will hide the numbers! It will be hard to where the ribbon should go in next layers.

if you have the numbers small and on the tip of the template
I fixed my template by writing the numbers close to the centre. The white label was to show which tip each number belongs but even drawing a ling from each tip to the numbers will do :)
This is how I fixed mine 

again, here is the link to  Gustamonton's wonderful video: click here

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