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Watercolor Sketch - Green tea & apple

June 07, 2012
Do you like snacks? I am a huge fan. 

Although I try to keep it as healthy as possible; mostly fruits and veggies but can't live long without chocolate :) ...oh and tea! all kinds of tea and I like my tea without milk or sugar, cause I enjoy that slight bitterness. Herbal teas are such a nice alternative to my usual earl grey or English breakfast tea. 

This is a sketch of what I had a couple of days ago: Grabbed a green tea from McDonald's on the way to work but then didn't have time to drink any until the break time. And that is when I love to have some fruits, so I had my tea with an apple!

If you think green tea & apple is an unusual mix, yes it , but when the tea is cold and the apple is extremely sweet (no complains though!!) then not so much; it's like having juice with a crunchy biscuit :) 

What kinda snacks do you like? any unusual mixes?

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