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Inspiration - Watercolour

June 25, 2012
There are many talented artists out there who are sharing their paintings and journey on the internet. Each one is special and unique in the techniques and capturing the world on paper. I usually search the web and look for watercolour paintings once or twice a week to stay motivated and inspired. I decided to share some of these amazing art works with you regularly :) 

Today I was specially amazed by the works done by "Carol Gillott" a wonderful artist who is keeping a blog at where she shares her adventures in art and life. Here is a couple of her paintings:  

"Deux eclair" , By Carol Gillot, check her blog post here 

"Macaron Miscellany" by Carol Gillot, Check her blog post here

You can read more about her or follow her work at her blog and also see more of her paintings at her flickr page.

Have fun,

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