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Gift wrapping a bottle

June 12, 2012
Gift giving is lots of fun, from deciding on what to buy (or make) till the time when the present is opened, I enjoy it all. When you are decided on what that gift would be and you have it in hands then it's time for the special task of wrapping; colourful papers, ribbons, glitters, tags ... 

It was a friend's birthday a few days ago and my husband decided to buy him a bottle of whiskey. Usually, I would wrap a nice ribbon around the neck of the bottle, like these:

Gift Wrapping Ideas from
or would wrap the whole bottle in a nice paper, Like this:

Gift Wrapping Idea from bloomize

but this time I wanted to try something different and this is how it turned out:

If you like the idea and want to know how to do it yourself  then keep reading:

These are most of the items I used:

1- Ink Pad and your choice of stamp (stamp not shown)
2- Ribbons 
3- Eyelet setter
4- Glue
5- Eyelets
6- Tag, Die-cuts to make the tag
7- Ruler
8- Scissors
9- Markers
10-Wrapping papers

Other items, scalloped edge punch and a cupcake stamp.

* Stamp, Ink pad, punch, eyelet and eyelet setter are optional.

And when you have all the items above :

1) Measure around the bottle and add half an inch (A), so that papers can be over lapped and glued. Then measure the hight of the area of the bottle that you want to cover (B) and cut a rectangle shape from your paper.  

If you are going for a similar design like mine,  Cut two strips of coloured paper 1.5" wide and as long as the measurement (A). To cut the paper that goes in the middle (in my case it was kraft paper) deduct 2'' from the measurement (B) and leave the length as (A). Then glue them like picture #2.

2) Wrap around the bottle and secure with glue.

3) For the cap, measure around the cap and it's height then add half an inch to both of these measurements. Cut your paper. To make the top view of the cap look neat, make small cuttings along the edges so that your paper can be folded and glued nicely (pic.#4)

At this point your bottle should look like picture #5.

4) Tag. In picture number 6, I have a scalloped edge circle and 2 simple white circles. the scalloped edge circle is a little bigger than the whites. White circles will be glued on each sides of the scalloped-edge.

If you don't have a scalloped edge punch you can use this template  (size needs to be adjusted!) or this tutorial and cut the shape with scissors .

On one of the white circles, I stamped a cupcake and on the other one I wrote "Happy Birthday" with the markers.

Used eyelet setter to set one eyelet on top of the tag. Or you can just have a tiny hole with no eyelets on the top to insert the ribbon. Ribbon can also be glued underneath the white circle at the back.

5) Attach your ribbon and hang it from the neck of the bottle and there you have it...easy peasy :) 
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  1. Love your taste, very creative and original. Welldone !

  2. Thanx for your comment Mark :)


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