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wet on wet watercolour - quick sketch

June 29, 2012
One of the advantages of using wet on wet technique is that you can't focus too much on the details, rather you have to capture the overall form of the object. Surprisingly our eyes are experts in recognizing the object without having all the details. 

These are two final pages of my sketchbook. This sketch was done wet on wet, very quick n dirty but I was quite happy with the end result. 

I perhaps owe having become a painter to a flower....

Can you guess the name of the flowers? 

Hugs n noses,

Zentangle Doodle - Rose

June 26, 2012
Here is my latest Zentangle drawing. This one was done following the simple steps explained below the picture.

1) First I drew a big circle
2) Then, drew the outline of a rose
3) Darkened the outline of each petal, so that they can be seen through all the patterns and tangles
4) Started to draw the tangles from the outer petals inward.
Tip: have bold and delicate patterns alternatively.

If you like to see more of my zentangles click here and here :)

Take care for now,

Inspiration - Watercolour

June 25, 2012
There are many talented artists out there who are sharing their paintings and journey on the internet. Each one is special and unique in the techniques and capturing the world on paper. I usually search the web and look for watercolour paintings once or twice a week to stay motivated and inspired. I decided to share some of these amazing art works with you regularly :) 

Today I was specially amazed by the works done by "Carol Gillott" a wonderful artist who is keeping a blog at where she shares her adventures in art and life. Here is a couple of her paintings:  

"Deux eclair" , By Carol Gillot, check her blog post here 

"Macaron Miscellany" by Carol Gillot, Check her blog post here

You can read more about her or follow her work at her blog and also see more of her paintings at her flickr page.

Have fun,

Scalloped Edge Circle Template - Without Punch

June 12, 2012
"How to make an scalloped edge circle without a punch"

In the instruction on "gift wrapping a bottle", I gave you a template to use for cutting a scalloped edge with scissors, but you needed to adjust the size yourself. 

Here is another way to make a scalloped edge circle in any size that you want. The good thing about this method is that you can use the final shape as a template or as it is. 

Gift wrapping a bottle

Gift giving is lots of fun, from deciding on what to buy (or make) till the time when the present is opened, I enjoy it all. When you are decided on what that gift would be and you have it in hands then it's time for the special task of wrapping; colourful papers, ribbons, glitters, tags ... 

It was a friend's birthday a few days ago and my husband decided to buy him a bottle of whiskey. Usually, I would wrap a nice ribbon around the neck of the bottle, like these:

Gift Wrapping Ideas from
or would wrap the whole bottle in a nice paper, Like this:

Gift Wrapping Idea from bloomize

but this time I wanted to try something different and this is how it turned out:

If you like the idea and want to know how to do it yourself  then keep reading:

Watercolor Sketch - Green tea & apple

June 07, 2012
Do you like snacks? I am a huge fan. 

Although I try to keep it as healthy as possible; mostly fruits and veggies but can't live long without chocolate :) ...oh and tea! all kinds of tea and I like my tea without milk or sugar, cause I enjoy that slight bitterness. Herbal teas are such a nice alternative to my usual earl grey or English breakfast tea. 

This is a sketch of what I had a couple of days ago: Grabbed a green tea from McDonald's on the way to work but then didn't have time to drink any until the break time. And that is when I love to have some fruits, so I had my tea with an apple!

If you think green tea & apple is an unusual mix, yes it , but when the tea is cold and the apple is extremely sweet (no complains though!!) then not so much; it's like having juice with a crunchy biscuit :) 

What kinda snacks do you like? any unusual mixes?

Watercolour - Wet on Wet

June 04, 2012
Watercolour is an amazing medium to paint with. It is somewhat forgiving and somewhat stubborn. It plays with its own rules and creates interesting effects.

sketchbook - rainy day 1

These two pages of my sketchbook were created with wet on wet technique and I think the result feels quite rainy itself :)

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