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Sketchbook - Front Cover

May 15, 2012
As promised before, I am going to post all the pages of my sketchbook and talk a little bit about how each page was done.

This picture is the front cover page. I drew an initial sketch on a piece of paper, this way I didn't worry about damaging the paper or making mistakes. Then cleaned up my sketch, and this is a process that usually takes me a few attemps....ok, maybe more than a few!

When I was happy with my drawing, transfered the image to the cover sheet and with a Sharpie fine tip pen (marker?!) I went over the lines to make them darker.

To paint the background, I used Titanium White acrylic paint and a one-inch brush to paint all around the shape, I had to change to smaller size brush to paint between brushes on the sketch and TaDaaaa!!!

The brown inside the drawing is the actual color of the cover paper winking 

sketchbook - Cover

Lesson learned: "Next time, before jumping to grab a pen, I should write the wording in pencil to make sure they fit nicely " tongue

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