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How to Cross-Hatch

May 28, 2012

Hatching is a technique to make shading effects or tonal values. It is done by drawing parallel lines. When lines cross one another, it is called cross-hatching
With adding more layers of lines, darker values can be created:
Hatching lines should always follow or wrap around the form of the object, especially when it comes to round shapes: 
As It shows in the above image, when it comes to round objects curvy lines can create the illusion of volume better. And these lines should follow the shape of the object. You can see the effect of curvy cross-hatches closely on my previous post.
Tonal Values created by hatching and cross-hatching can be done by varying the length, angle, closeness and
other qualities of the lines. Basically number of the lines, thickness and spacing of them are the most important aspects that will affect the brightness of the image and create a three dimensional illusion.  
Below is a demonstration to show how dark areas can be created using above techniques:
For more tips, check out my Tea Pot Drawing. 

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