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Drawing / Sketching - Ball Point Pen

May 28, 2012
In my previous post on ball point drawing inspiration I mentioned that I had done a drawing myself and promised to share the results and here it is:

tea pot - ink paint

I wrote all the tips and steps that came to my mind during the process, around the tea pot to give it a nice background. Since they might not be easily readable on the above picture, I am writing them below with more explanations. If you like to know more about cross-hatching and How to cross-hatch, go to this post.

Step 1) pencil sketch: Just drew the object and mark the highlighted areas
Step 2) very light shading and marking with pencil to know where the dark and light areas will be.
Step 3) Grabbed a ball point pen for the rest of the process and traced around the object.

Step 4) Start cross hatching: I started from the shadows and put pretty dark diagonal cross hatches.After putting down the marks for the shadow areas, It was time to fill out the main body of the tea pot. I drew simple diagonal lines, skipping the highlights and worked from the edges toward the highlights.



In the above picture you can see that I have edges of the object inked and also cross hatchings in the darkest shadow areas, but I still kept the pencil markings underneath the ink and around the highlights. I wanted this to help me remember where the dark, light and mid tones are going to be, Although as it progressed, I realised it wasn't a good idea to mark around your highlights with pen!!! ... It is good that I could manage to fix this later on...

Step 5) With more cross hatches on the spout, It looked so flat! so I decided to make the cross hatches curved.


The curvy cross hatches started from the bottom of the spout. It looks way better, right?

Step 6) Erased the pencil markings.
Step 7) More and more cross hatching!
except the highlights that we keep the white of paper for, the rest of the object should be filled with cross hatchings. 
In the shadows, I added more pressure to the pen to make my lines darker and also had the lines closer to each other.


  • keep a picture of the object unless you are able to create the same lighting.
  • Sometimes pens tend to stop working, have a scarp of paper to scribble and make the ink flow again.
  • Have a piece of tissue handy to wipe off the tip of the pen after drawing every few lines.
  • More organised and evenly spaced lines looks neater and nicer.
  • To fix and hide the dots that I had around the highlights, I tried to cross some of the hatchings right on to the dots!
  • When frustrated take a deep breath! :) 
 Please share if you know more tips or suggestions :)

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