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Watercolor - My Favorite Food

May 01, 2012

A while ago I came across a very interesting website named "100 illustrations". This is a great website founded by Diana Evans, aiming to gather and feature all the illustrators around the world. It is an annual free-to-join project and the first 100 illustrations or paintings submitted and approved will be published, a dream that most of us have as artists and illustrators.

For 2012 the subject of the project is "My Favourite Food" which was an absolutely exciting topic for me, as it was a subject completely out of my comfort zone.

Being a food lover makes it difficult to choose only one favorite food; I gathered a list of all the foods that I regularly make and eat and like. Then crossed out those that I may get picky about sometimes tongue. But the end I thought "Rotisserie Chicken with Salad" should be on top of the list.

Following is the steps to the painting that was finished and submitted in hopes that it get approved:

Step 1 ) Pencil sketch; I tried to make my sketch as detailed as possible. I drew all vegetables in the salad, the ice cubes and even bubbles. Then masked off the places that I wanted to keep the white of paper for highlights, such as for bubbles or most of the ice cubes.

Food 2

Following close up picture shows the masking more visible:

Food 3

Step 2) It was time to start the layers of watercolor. To paint the chicken a mix of orange and raw

sienna was used; I made the whole area of the chicken wet with clean water and then dabbed a loaded brush on randomly. To make the chicken look 3d I had to keep some areas lighter and some darker for the shadow areas, So while the paint was still wet I wiped some of the paint off the  the left  and to the centre of the chicken.
Food 4

I should say that Salad was not as easy as I thought and I guess it probably could have been a lot better with more planning of shadows and color mixes....anyways, at this point it was too late to change my mind sigh... Colors used was a mixed of sap green with yellow ochre and cadmium yellow for the green leaves and some violet mixed with red for cabbages and premium red for tomatoes.

Initially I wasn't sure which color to pick for the bread loaf but raw sienna mixed with very tiny amount of orange turned out to be a suitable one. For the gravy burnt sienna worked just fine and a dash of blue for the drink.

To imply the roasted skin of the chicken, I applied clear water to the whole chicken area again and then dabbed some stronger mix of brown and orange randomly but didn't put any spots on the highlight area.

Step 3) To continue my work I needed to remove the masking fluids and finish off the painting:

The placemat was painted with a mix of red and yellow. For the shadows on the chicken or the bun, I used stronger mixes of same colors used to paint them, and for the shadows on the plate grey color looked ok.

Food 5

then added more shadows underneath the plate, more layers of paint on the ice cubes and for the drink, some minor touch ups and here is the final version: 


If the colors in the last image seem different than the previous one, it is because the last image is the scanned version to avoid the effect of camera's flash which seems to add a little bit yellowish tint to the previous pictures.

By the way, what is your favorite food?
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