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Zentangle Doodle

April 11, 2012
Have you ever heard of Zentangle? It is such an amazing way to relax and set your mind free to the world of imaginations ....

Zentagle is a meditated form of expression. It is mostly done in black and white, although i have seen other colors too. It involves some geometric or freestyle shapes filled with repetative patterns or "tangles". The patterns can be as simple as doodle drawings such as circles, diamonds or lines to more complicated ones such as weaved, netting and gothic patterns. It helps your hand to loosen up and be able to reflect what is in your mind on to your paper without focusing too much.


If you want to know more about Zentangle "Life Imitates Doodles" blog has a through post on the definition and list of patterns. I personally don't like to follow a set list of patterns all the time. To me
it is still like being in a box and following a set of rules, so i just doodle my own patterns :) whatever that comes to my mind fills the area. That being said, some of the set and stablished patterns are very intricate and exquisite.

zentangle 4

I am a newbie to Zentangle so sometimes i get stuck and sometimes thoughts just flow easily and fills up a few squares quickly.

If you haven't tried Doodles or Zentangle before, give it a shot. It is as easy as drawing lines when you are talking to the phone :P I remember my dad could fill out a full sheet of paper during a short phone call
2 comments on "Zentangle Doodle"
  1. I doodle sometimes, it's fun.

  2. oh ya, doodling is lots of fun :) you should send me pictures of your doodles, I love to see them.


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