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Watercolor-Lilacs-final steps :)

April 03, 2012
OK, Last time the flowers were finished...almost :)

After that, It was time to finish the leaves. I used the mix of Sap Green, Yellow Ocher, Ultramarine Blue, and sometimes a small amount of Red to darken some washes of greens.

Then darkened the shadows underneath the leaves on the vase, with diluted wash of above mixture for leaves.

on the vase I added a second wash of yellow ochr to some places and while the wash was wet I touched it with the mixture of flowers, where the two bottom branced met the vase, to imply the reflection.

added some gray for shadows and it was done.

If you take a closer look at the pictue of lilacs on step 3 of my last post, you will see that the lilac on the top right was almost smudged. My bad, I added a very wet wash to the background after the lilac was dry, but it still managed to smudge the paint.

what i did to save the day was just to add more petals with darker paint to cover the smudge :) It is not as soft as i wanted it to be, but It still looks ok, right? :P

2 comments on "Watercolor-Lilacs-final steps :)"
  1. I think this turned quite nice. I like that you show how to fix small problems.

  2. aww, thanx,

    I think mistakes and problems can sometimes be very good things , especially when you challenge yourself to fix them nicely :)


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