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Sketchbook - whimsical face - P 7-8

April 27, 2012
The clock is ticking!

Three days left to mail the sketchbook and I have a few more pages to go. I am not too concerned about going through all the pages though, I suppose this is to be an enjoyable experience and thinking of deadlines is not going to make it more fun winking

If you remember, In my previous post I said that I want every subject of the sketchbook has a quote. Well...I would basically choose a quote and then paint a theme for it, but it didn't work out this way for these two pages.

I had a whimsical face in my mind and it couldn't wait any longer to be painted, so it decided to ended up on my sketchbook:

sketch book p7-8

But now that I have everything as I visioned, finding a relevant saying is not easy.
Can you think of any quote, poem or saying? Or Can you come up with any by yourself? Please leave a comment and let me know.

Have a lovely day,

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