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Sketchbook off to Brooklyne

April 30, 2012
Today was the last day to mail out the sketchbooks to participate in the Project Sketchbook Limited Edition. Though on the very last day, but luckily my sketchbook made it to the post office and off it goes to Brooklyn.

It is my first time joining this project and honestly it was my first sketch "book". I used to do all my sketches, paintings and drwaings on separate pieces of paper, canvases, boards and so on. But I should admit that it was very joyful when each page was filled with new thoughts and imaginations and even more joyful when the pages were flipped over to take a glance of each work.

In the morning, before putting the sketchbook in the envelope to mail, I was hesitant for a moment: "It is my first "actuall" sketchbook and I like it a lot, shouldn't I be keeping it?!" ... then I remembered that it is going on a tour and I will get the chance to see it again happy so I said my goodbyes and let it go for the journey that it was meant to go. 

Now I know one thing for sure : It will not be my last sketchbook.

2 comments on "Sketchbook off to Brooklyne"
  1. heyyyyyyy Miriam, how about the rest of the pages? are you gonna post them too?

  2. Hiii:) yes, I will keep them coming.


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