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Watercolor-Lilacs- Step 2 - Let's finish the flowers :)

March 26, 2012
This weekend I had the chance to work on my lilacs a little bit.

Colors i used for the flowers was a mixture of Madder lake, Carmine and Ultramarine Blue.

Flowers Step 1:


For each petal I just added a very pale wash and then loaded the brush with more saturated (thicker) paint and painted the lower parts of each flower that would normally stay in the shadow. I was carefull to follow a curvy shape for the darker areas to suggest that the flowers are actually three dimentional!

For letting the light petals stay out more I sprinkled some sea salt grains. and in some other areas as an experiment while the paint was still wet i dabbed a few dropps of rubbing alcohol. The effect of rubbing alcohol can be seen on the left middle flowers on the above picture.

Next step is to shape the petals and make the flowers look fluffy :)

I was not that pleased with my lilacs at this stage which is not a good sign but...hey we will see;) a lot might happen during few steps.

Flowers Step 2 :


Flowers Step 3:


Then I made a darker and thicker mix of paint and started to paint around the cluster of small flowers on each lilac. If you remember when i was sketching the flowers I also drew each petal, that helped me alot in this stage. I just followed my previous sketch lines.

I tried to make my dark wash variable too, meaning I changed my mixture proportion to make some dark and some very dark spots.
Here is a close up of the lilacs:


Then I added a very pale wash of yellow ocher to the whole area of porcelain vase, then I added some gray to where ever there would be shadows on the cuts of the vase and also right under neath the leaves on the vase.

Looks a lot better than before. right? ;)

I only have to finish the leaves, vase and the shadows and we will be done !!

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