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watercolor-Lilacs - step 1 - sketching

March 26, 2012
aren't Lilacs pretty? I always wanted to paint them but never actually had the courage! Lots of petals, lots of highlights, lots of color gradiant...If you look closely each lilac is a cluster of small flowers, Isn't it intimidating!

Well i thought to myself; " I have to do it; If turned out good, well good!and if not then I will cry! ....kidding :P If not hopefully it will be a lesson learnt"

so I gave it a try :) Same as my previous post on Pears, I will show the steps with explaination, and this time I try to add a little more detail:

1- First I drew the lilacs with a pencil. I tried to make it a detailed sketch, so I even drew the petals in the areas that would need darker washes of paint.

Then applied the first wash of Sap green to the leaves. I tried to add a little bit of Ultramarine Blue in a few strokes to make some leaves darker.

Next, with a masking liquid, I masked off the areas of highlight


well lots of work already...I was quite happy at this point, but also exhusted ... so the rest had to wait for another day...

Fingers crossed, hopefully I will feel as happy as the washes of color stack up!
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