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How about some pears!

March 22, 2012
Lets paint some pears!

I was looking through flickr to find a subject to paint and came across a beautiful picture. I decided to go with watercolor and here is the steps to the final result.

1- I drew the shapes of pears with a pencil.


2- added a wash of Cadmium Yellow and Sap Green with some Cadmium Red splashes for the pear in the middle, also a bluish gray for the shadows.


3- one more wash of  Cadmium Red & Yellow+ Sap Green to all pears, removed some of the paints from the highlight areas with a q-tip.  Then while the paint is still wet loaded my brush with a thicker paint and dabbed on a few spots on the pears to give them a more realistic look. Next applied a third wash of paint, preserving the highlights. This made my dots go very faint so I added some more dots of sap green to show the cute spots even more :)


 4- in the last step, I applied one more wash of color and with the tip of a q-tip just took off the paint from the highlights. Then added some thicker paint to darken areas of the shadow, right underneath the pears. For the stems, I used some mix of browns and applied with care to leave some highlights. Some red dots to the cheek of the middle pear with a fine tip brush ;) ....and voila!

here is the scanned version of the final painting. In the previous pics I used my camera and it shows the paper dirty baige color :( but it actually was white! so it had be scanned to show the paper and highlights exactly as they are.


 I love these gorgeous pears :) How about you? let me know what you think.
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