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last minute Christmas gift wrapping idea

December 25, 2012
Here is how I wrapped my Christmas gifts this year:

some crafts paper and tinsel is all that i used, easy and festive :)

Let me know, If you like a tutorial on these.


Wet on Wet - water colour tomatoes

December 18, 2012
Red, juicy, soft, delicious ....tomatoes.

I use lots in salads, food and sometimes, as a snack, with cheese on a piece of toast.....even without toast and cheese, tomatoes are still yummy!

Tomatoes are fun to paint too ;)

Wet on Wet - Ponies

December 07, 2012
I am missing the warm sunny days of summer so much that I had to paint some flowers: .....ponies!

I painted this pot of colourful ponies and at the end, all the colours looked kind of dull to me :(

Then I tried the same thing with wet-on-wet technique:

and I like it much more :) 

I am falling in love with wet on wet; It is very hard but keeps the colours so vibrant. There is more possibility of mistakes and you have to work fast, but it is definitely well worth it.



How to paint wet on wet roses in watercolor

December 02, 2012

Hi all :)

As I promised a while ago, here is the video tutorial on how to paint soft, wet on wet roses.

Hope you like it.



super easy and fast croissants

November 30, 2012
I have always loved having friends over and now that I am mostly home and busy with a demanding baby, having a good company makes my day a special one :)

Yesterday, a friend of mine came over to visit me and my baby "Brayden". It is getting pretty cold in here and I thought it would be a good idea to bake something sweet that we can have with a nice cup of tea.

This croissants were not only delicious and ready in half n hour but the awesome part was that my work took only 10 minutes :P

Ingredients to make 4 croissants:
  • 1 table spoon of butter
  • 1 table spoon peanut butter
  • 1/2 package of puff pastry 
  • half a cup chocolate candy melt. 
    • This is the product I used but you can use any kind of chocolate.
  1. Roll the puff pastry to about 9"x9" square and divide it into four equal squares. 

Lonely leaves on a trail

November 19, 2012

A while ago, when i was walking down a trail right close to my place i noticed theses tiny leafy plants by the path. They had grayish leaves that looked like velvet.  

After I took a few shots and looked at them at home, to my surprise these plants that didn't seem that pretty at first sight,
 looked a lot like blossoms or flowers in the pictures :) 

"If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us." Daisaku Ikeda

They deserved to be framed or hanged on a wall and loved. don't they??

Here is the link to all these lovely products:

wet on wet - watercolour roses

October 15, 2012
Because of having a little new addition to our family, I have been having a very limited time to spend on my painting. This makes the wet on wet technique pretty much the only way possible to alleviate that itch to paint ;)

I was trying to loosen up and try to pain roses this time:

more close up pics:

Although still I am not 100% happy with the leaves, but the roses turned out pretty nice. I am also planning to post a quick tutorial in a few days :)

so till then ...hugs and noses, 

UPDATE: video tutorial is uploaded HERE.

Photography - 50 mm lens

October 05, 2012
I recently got the Canon 50 mm lens that I wanted for a long long time...I am in love with it.

The quality of the pictures and the blurred background effect it adds to the photos are amazing. 

Here is one of my first few shots with this lens: 

Hope these flowers brighten your autumn day a little bit :) 

P.S. prints of this shot are available through my S6 shop.


Bundle of Joy

October 03, 2012

Hi All, 

I haven't had the chance to be around this blog for a while and I have a good excuse for that :) after 41 weeks and 2 days of waiting and anticipation, finally my bundle of joy, my sweet little son is in my arms.

This little guy is now 3 weeks old and if you have had a child, you know how demanding they are at this age. Especially because the only help I have is my husband, I am on my toes the whole day and most of the night time. My husband is a big help when he is around at evenings and it gives me a bit of free time, but by then I am so exhausted that I embrace those few minutes to take a rest, a short nap or a quick

Although very slowly, but things are getting better. All 3 of us are getting used to our new life more and more each day. Two days ago, I was able to find a few minutes to start a new sketch and Oh boy!...that felt really good. I am going to take it as a sign that from now on I might be able to find more time to paint, sketch, and take pictures, I will try to update and share more often if this turns out to be true ;)

OOops I hear a cry! Talk to you all soon,


Watercolour Vintage - Bird on Cherry Branch

August 27, 2012

Isn't this collage painting romantic? Zoom in to see how this bird is singing about "Desire, Love, and Heart"!!!

Have a Happy Monday ;)

Digital Painting with Illustrator

Recently I have been so hooked on Illustrator and its amazing abilities to change and/or create fantastic images that I have been trying to learn and use more and more of the techniques and Internet is such a great tool for that purpose.

Here is my latest digital painting; Skyline of London & flying hot air balloons.

Although it is absolutely different from painting with paint and brush but I am trying not to compare these two and enjoy the fun in creating something pretty.

Cheers and let me know what you think of it.

....Oh! by the way prints, iPhone skins and t-shirts of this design is available at my society6 shop :)

Cupcake Photo Prints

August 23, 2012
If you like this picture of pink and blue cupcakes, you can  purchase the print, canvas, or laptop skin at my society 6 shop :)

Here is the link to my little shop:

On my previous post on cupcake topper template you can find gorgeous Happy Birthday Topper template as well.

Have a sweet and happy day,

Cupcake Topper Template

August 14, 2012
Aren't cupcakes the most fabulous treats ever? I love cupcakes, pretty much all flavours, Although I prefer the  frosting to be whipped cream but I never pass on any other

These treats that trace back to around 1790 are not only tasty but also usually gorgeously designed and to me their look is as important as their taste. Cupcakes are great for birthdays, baby showers, graduations, etc....there is not an event that cupcakes can't accompany. And here is the cupcakes I made for a recent birthday party :) 

The cupcakes turned out moist and flavourful and the home made whipped topping turned out great for piping as well. Everyone loved the cake toppers and I decided to share them with you :) 

My "Jelly Beans" are selected!

July 25, 2012
I received a very good news today and can't wait to share it.

My "Jelly Beans" photography was selected to be on Society6 Shop :)

This is the selected photo:

and here it is on the shop, top left corner:

You can check it out here :)

Illustration - Vector Art

July 24, 2012
Been interested in digital painting for a long time, I always was fascinated by the great illustrations that some artists such as Marta DahligLinda BergvistFrederic St-Arnaud or Raphael Lacoste make, but was hesitant to try it. I love the organic feeling of paper, paint and canvas so much that thinking of creating a piece without that feeling was hard for me to imagine. 

Well, I was wrong :) many of the digital paintings and illustrations can be and are made or initiated by the traditional painting or drawing and then transferred, modified or enhanced by digital tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator (of course this entirely depends on the artist).

Knowing this made me more willing to try and enter the digi-painting world! not that I am going to stay there for ever and never look back....not at all, but maybe just more visits than before :P 

My first attempt in digi painting took me along time, from initial thinking of a subject to learning the basics of Illustrator and then finishing the piece. Although I am quite good at Photoshop, but Illustrator is quiet different and is mainly used for this painting, So I had to come up with a subject achievable with my level of experience.

I started with a sketch and kept modifying it until I was happy, Then inked all the drawing, imported it to photoshop, cleaned it up a bit and finally transferred it to illustrator to vectorize and colour the whole thing. 

Initial Drawing
and I think I'm going to call it "The Mushroom Land" :)
Final image

..... Let me know what you think of this piece?  


Gift Bows - DIY

July 18, 2012
I was searching for a tutorial on how to make gift bows. I wanted a tutorial that doesn't include many measurements or cuttings and gluing and ends with a bow as perfect and symmetric as possible with least amount of tapes or staples to hide at the end. 

I am going to share with you the tutorial that I found plus a few tips that I figured along the way. 

Abstract Watercolour - Tulips

July 11, 2012
This abstract watercolour painting is now available as print and stretched canvas in my Society6 shop.

Abstract Watercolour - Tulips

There are prints of some of my photos also available through my shop

Cross-hatching - Fruits

July 10, 2012
This pencil drawing is done by cross-hatching technique. The pencil I used had a very soft tip that made the final result look smooth. 

pears n cherries

If you want to know how to cross-hatch, see my previous most here and cross-hatching in ink can be viewed here.

How to use masking fluid in watercolour painting

July 09, 2012
This post is going to focus on "Masking Fluid" in watercolour painting, with picture demonstrations plus a few tips and tricks that I learned through personal experience.


What is masking fluid:

Masking fluid (or frisket) is a latex based liquid that is used to mask off areas of paper to make them resistant to water. It keeps the white of the paper or the previous colour that was painted on the paper intact. 

This fluid is transparent but usually is produced with added tint of colour to help the painters see where the mask is applied. This tint is non staining and does not affect the area underneath. 

When should masking fluid be used: 

wet on wet watercolour - quick sketch

June 29, 2012
One of the advantages of using wet on wet technique is that you can't focus too much on the details, rather you have to capture the overall form of the object. Surprisingly our eyes are experts in recognizing the object without having all the details. 

These are two final pages of my sketchbook. This sketch was done wet on wet, very quick n dirty but I was quite happy with the end result. 

I perhaps owe having become a painter to a flower....

Can you guess the name of the flowers? 

Hugs n noses,

Zentangle Doodle - Rose

June 26, 2012
Here is my latest Zentangle drawing. This one was done following the simple steps explained below the picture.

1) First I drew a big circle
2) Then, drew the outline of a rose
3) Darkened the outline of each petal, so that they can be seen through all the patterns and tangles
4) Started to draw the tangles from the outer petals inward.
Tip: have bold and delicate patterns alternatively.

If you like to see more of my zentangles click here and here :)

Take care for now,

Inspiration - Watercolour

June 25, 2012
There are many talented artists out there who are sharing their paintings and journey on the internet. Each one is special and unique in the techniques and capturing the world on paper. I usually search the web and look for watercolour paintings once or twice a week to stay motivated and inspired. I decided to share some of these amazing art works with you regularly :) 

Today I was specially amazed by the works done by "Carol Gillott" a wonderful artist who is keeping a blog at where she shares her adventures in art and life. Here is a couple of her paintings:  

"Deux eclair" , By Carol Gillot, check her blog post here 

"Macaron Miscellany" by Carol Gillot, Check her blog post here

You can read more about her or follow her work at her blog and also see more of her paintings at her flickr page.

Have fun,

Scalloped Edge Circle Template - Without Punch

June 12, 2012
"How to make an scalloped edge circle without a punch"

In the instruction on "gift wrapping a bottle", I gave you a template to use for cutting a scalloped edge with scissors, but you needed to adjust the size yourself. 

Here is another way to make a scalloped edge circle in any size that you want. The good thing about this method is that you can use the final shape as a template or as it is. 

Gift wrapping a bottle

Gift giving is lots of fun, from deciding on what to buy (or make) till the time when the present is opened, I enjoy it all. When you are decided on what that gift would be and you have it in hands then it's time for the special task of wrapping; colourful papers, ribbons, glitters, tags ... 

It was a friend's birthday a few days ago and my husband decided to buy him a bottle of whiskey. Usually, I would wrap a nice ribbon around the neck of the bottle, like these:

Gift Wrapping Ideas from
or would wrap the whole bottle in a nice paper, Like this:

Gift Wrapping Idea from bloomize

but this time I wanted to try something different and this is how it turned out:

If you like the idea and want to know how to do it yourself  then keep reading:

Watercolor Sketch - Green tea & apple

June 07, 2012
Do you like snacks? I am a huge fan. 

Although I try to keep it as healthy as possible; mostly fruits and veggies but can't live long without chocolate :) ...oh and tea! all kinds of tea and I like my tea without milk or sugar, cause I enjoy that slight bitterness. Herbal teas are such a nice alternative to my usual earl grey or English breakfast tea. 

This is a sketch of what I had a couple of days ago: Grabbed a green tea from McDonald's on the way to work but then didn't have time to drink any until the break time. And that is when I love to have some fruits, so I had my tea with an apple!

If you think green tea & apple is an unusual mix, yes it , but when the tea is cold and the apple is extremely sweet (no complains though!!) then not so much; it's like having juice with a crunchy biscuit :) 

What kinda snacks do you like? any unusual mixes?

Watercolour - Wet on Wet

June 04, 2012
Watercolour is an amazing medium to paint with. It is somewhat forgiving and somewhat stubborn. It plays with its own rules and creates interesting effects.

sketchbook - rainy day 1

These two pages of my sketchbook were created with wet on wet technique and I think the result feels quite rainy itself :)

Doodle - How my life changed!

May 28, 2012
It has been a while... almost 6 months.

I am expecting a precious little addition to my family and I can't wait for the day that I can have my baby in my arms :)

In the sketchbook that I sent off a while ago to Brooklyn Library, I wanted to share my feelings and this new phase of life and this is how it turned out:

You can see more pages of sketchbook Here and Here

How to Cross-Hatch

Hatching is a technique to make shading effects or tonal values. It is done by drawing parallel lines. When lines cross one another, it is called cross-hatching
With adding more layers of lines, darker values can be created:
Hatching lines should always follow or wrap around the form of the object, especially when it comes to round shapes: 

Drawing / Sketching - Ball Point Pen

In my previous post on ball point drawing inspiration I mentioned that I had done a drawing myself and promised to share the results and here it is:

tea pot - ink paint

I wrote all the tips and steps that came to my mind during the process, around the tea pot to give it a nice background. Since they might not be easily readable on the above picture, I am writing them below with more explanations. If you like to know more about cross-hatching and How to cross-hatch, go to this post.

Step 1) pencil sketch: Just drew the object and mark the highlighted areas
Step 2) very light shading and marking with pencil to know where the dark and light areas will be.
Step 3) Grabbed a ball point pen for the rest of the process and traced around the object.

Drawing / Sketching with ball point

May 25, 2012
Have you ever tried drawing or painting with a ball point pen? The same pen that we use everyday at school, at home or in the office....If not take a look at these amazing drawings to get inspired and grab a pen:

all our yesterdays
"All Our Yesterday" By Andrea Joseph

fame is but a fruit tree
"Fame is but a fruit tree" By Andrea Joseph

Drawing Hand using Ball Point Pen by

France Van Stone

Another Great Ball Point Pen Drawing By Lee

You can check out their blogs by clicking on their names below the pictures.

I got so inspired that did a drawing using ball point, I will show you my drawing in the next post, Just don't expect the same quality of work! winking

Zentagle Doodle - Sketch book

May 18, 2012
It's time for two more pages of my sketchbook.

First few pages were full of colors and It was time for a change. This doodle started with a face; a half circle and curly hair. Then it went on and on...

sketchbook - zentangle 1
"You are not Old, until you stop dreaming."

One of the things that I love about Zentangle is that when doodling you can let your mind fly freely but not completely free!!!! You still have to focus enough to keep your shapes in harmony. What it does is that it keeps your mind in a state that you can't focus too much on what you are doing (because it is a repetitive task) and you can't really think about anything else either...such a great meditation technique!

Did you notice the mandala ?

Have a great day,

How to make a spring card

One of the cutes cards I have seen in a few days is the "Songbird Card" by Cassandra Cooper.

She has an article on "Scrapbook and Cards Today" explaining step by step how she made the lovely branches.

"Songbird Card" by Cassandra Cooper
You can check her tutorial out by clicking Here.

Have Fun,

Card Making Project

Looking at the pile of cream card stock and papers that were sitting around my desk made me want to make a simple and elegant card:

The base card is cream colour with a greenish undertone. Brown of the second layer made a perfect frame for the cute floral design of the top paper. The frame around the "Happy Birthday" is a chipboard frame that I inked the edges to make it pop and it is siting on two rows of shimmery ribbons; cream and green.

A card making project is never complete without an envelope, is it?

Card 1 (2)

Sketchbook - Front Cover

May 15, 2012
As promised before, I am going to post all the pages of my sketchbook and talk a little bit about how each page was done.

This picture is the front cover page. I drew an initial sketch on a piece of paper, this way I didn't worry about damaging the paper or making mistakes. Then cleaned up my sketch, and this is a process that usually takes me a few attemps....ok, maybe more than a few!

When I was happy with my drawing, transfered the image to the cover sheet and with a Sharpie fine tip pen (marker?!) I went over the lines to make them darker.

To paint the background, I used Titanium White acrylic paint and a one-inch brush to paint all around the shape, I had to change to smaller size brush to paint between brushes on the sketch and TaDaaaa!!!

The brown inside the drawing is the actual color of the cover paper winking 

sketchbook - Cover

Lesson learned: "Next time, before jumping to grab a pen, I should write the wording in pencil to make sure they fit nicely " tongue

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